Built specifically for regulated assets,
Polymesh Private is the answer to privacy
and compliance on the blockchain.

A private blockchain for regulated assets.

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Full control

Manage compliance risks with ease. With Polymesh Private, you choose who can enter or view your data and transactions.

Enhanced privacy

Cutting-edge cryptographic techniques maintain all your data confidentially on-chain.

Public compatibility

Poised for compatibility with the public network, let Polymesh Private be your stepping stone to public infrastructure.
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A Polymesh of your own.

Capital markets are weighed down by complexities, resulting in delays and complications. Polymesh, the public permissioned blockchain for regulated assets, brings efficiency, automation, and transparency to capital markets. Now, with Polymesh Private, you can build in a fully private environment under your control, where you make the rules.
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Move beyond experimentation.

For individuals and companies concerned with public networks or publicly traded network tokens, Polymesh Private enables you to run private instances of Polymesh to benefit from its purpose-built infrastructure with extra privacy and control.
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Focus on what matters

Embrace technology that reduces complexity and streamlines compliance.

Customize for your needs

Choose who can access and view your network,
on your terms.


Network token and fees are yours to determine, if you include them.

Uniquely private

Uniting expertise in token standards and cryptography.

Laying the foundation for tokenization

Polymesh is an institutional–grade permissioned blockchain built specifically for regulated assets. Its specificity gives the chain (and the applications built on top) an advantage over general-purpose blockchains.

From a team featuring a leading Rust expert, inventor of ERC-1400, and a cryptographer behind the world’s first account-based privacy-preserving cryptographic protocol.