Streamlining tokenization. That’s Polymesh Private.

Navigating blockchain’s complexity amid evolving regulation has never been this easy.
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Paving the way for compliant tokenization

Institutions looking to embark on tokenization must choose early on which path to commit to: public versus private infrastructure.

Public permissionless networks carry the risk of interacting with blacklisted entities and rely on volatile public tokens. Private permissioned blockchains offer a semblance of security and privacy, but often come plagued with their own issues, including:

  • scalability issues
  • compliance issues
  • lack of tailor-made features
  • limited throughput
  • inflexible governance

The one-size-fits-all approach of these networks can’t cater to the nuanced needs of tokenized securities and other sophisticated financial instruments.

Polymesh, the public permissioned blockchain purpose-built for regulated assets, removes these limitations by providing a compliance-ready and scalable infrastructure specifically for capital markets.

However, integrating with public infrastructure amid a backdrop of evolving regulation carries too much uncertainty for some entities.

Enter Polymesh Private, a bespoke privately-run instance of the Polymesh blockchain that combines the benefits of its purpose-built infrastructure with enhanced privacy and control.


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Estimated total global assets represented onchain by 2030


Chapter one

Proven technology for tokenization

Harness the power of a platform that pairs a secure foundation with an API-driven, privacy-first approach.

Polymesh Private uses the Substrate framework, trusted by over 150 projects to secure over one billion dollars of value. Advanced cryptographic safeguards ensure your data and transactions are protected, providing you with a blockchain you can trust.

Transactions, account balances, and asset types are kept confidential and visible only to authorized parties. Native compliance functionality embedded at the protocol layer simplifies asset management without the need for complex smart contracts. These privacy and compliance features enable you to navigate the evolving regulatory landscape with ease while freeing you to focus on what you do best: driving your business forward.

Deliver quickly thanks to Polymesh Private’s easy implementation that respects existing operational frameworks. An intuitive interface and robust API connectivity mean you can integrate smoothly, minimizing disruption and maximizing efficiency.

Reduced maintenance costs and compatibility with the public network provide a future-proof technology that can power you into new markets.

  • Advanced cryptography ensures your data and transactions are protected
  • Native compliance functionality eliminates the need for smart contracts
  • An intuitive interface and robust API connectivity enable quick, easy integration
  • Future-proofed with reduced long-term maintenance and public network compatibility
Chapter two

Operational control

With Polymesh Private, you hold the reins. As the network operator, you  have complete discretion over the blockchain environment and are free to configure the network tailored to your unique business needs.

Operate Polymesh Private either on-premise or within a private data centre. The network supports optimized consensus, whether you’re operating individually within a single entity or in a consortium. Customizable block size, timing, and weights allow you to create a network with rapid transaction finality and high throughput. Network tokens are completely optional and fees (if included) are yours to determine.

The rules governing the network are managed transparently on-chain by a governance council for an easy operating environment with a clear audit trail of network changes. You appoint the governance council, choosing one or many individuals to represent either your organization or a consortium. The governance council permissions node operators and identity providers. The council also decides the criteria for accessing the network as well as various user-level permissioning.

At the asset level, asset issuers and settlement venues can also permission auditors, who receive an encrypted copy of settlement instructions to help fulfill compliance while preserving confidentiality.

Confidentiality on Polymesh Private uses sophisticated cryptography to validate transaction amounts without revealing them. This cryptographic approach runs on your existing systems instead of requiring specialized hardware, keeping the chain fast, secure, and low-cost.

  • Network operators have complete discretion over the blockchain environment
  • Operate on- or off-premise, within one entity or a consortium
  • Network rules are managed transparently on-chain by a governance council
  • Permissions and advanced cryptography enable privacy, compliance, and confidentiality
Chapter three

Future-proof your business

Stepping into the future can be daunting, but you don’t have to do it alone. Polymesh Private is your vehicle for optimizing operations and future-proofing your business within evolving regulatory landscapes. The Polymesh Association helps you along the way with support, resources, and a dedication to ecosystem development.

When you choose Polymesh Private, you benefit from the global community of innovators and resources in the Polymesh ecosystem. Ongoing commitment to innovation ensures you’ll remain ahead of the curve, ready to capitalize on emerging opportunities, and capable of confidently navigating future challenges.

Your Polymesh Private journey begins with the Developer Portal, where you’ll find in-depth documentation, containerized setup, and other tools for perfecting your environment. Tailor your deployment with configurable network parameters, governance mechanisms, and onboarding processes to meet your bespoke operational needs.

New features, bug fixes, and other developments for Polymesh’s public permissioned chain can be incorporated seamlessly into your Polymesh Private instance. Use Polymesh Private indefinitely, or familiarize yourself with Polymesh Private in a production environment before migrating to the public network.

This is a Polymesh of your own. Upgrade your workflows with the features and flexibility of Polymesh Private and become an industry leader in tokenization. Move from experimentation to production without making a trade-off between public and private infrastructure.

  • Polymesh Private is your vehicle for an optimized, future-proofed business
  • The Polymesh Association helps you with support and resources
  • Benefit from the global community of innovators on the public network
  • Perfect your local environment, tailor your deployment, then power into new markets
Polymesh Private is the only privacy-oriented blockchain solution capable of facilitating end-to-end tokenization, a necessity in demanding regulatory environments.
– Mani Pilal, CEO, otcDigital