Eric Richardson

Software Developer

Eric Richardson is a software developer with a passion for blockchain and AI. He started his career in 2016 at KOHO, a leading Canadian FinTech company, where he developed the admin portal and worked on projects involving direct deposits and virtual cards. He quickly rose from a junior developer to a technical lead, demonstrating his adaptability, technical prowess, and determination.

In 2021, Eric joined Polymath, becoming fascinated by the potential of blockchain technology to transform traditional financial products. As part of the middleware team, he developed Polymesh’s SDK and REST API, enabling easier and more efficient integrations with the Polymesh blockchain.

At Polymesh, Eric is always looking for ways to innovate and create simpler and more efficient solutions. Driven by blockchain’s potential to solve some of the fundamental issues in today’s financial infrastructure, his work makes him a valuable asset in the evolving tokenization landscape.