Polymesh Association Core Team

The Polymesh Association’s core team have backgrounds in finance, technology, and law.

Most have experience at Polymath building the first security token platform and spearheading ERC–1400.

Recognizing the need for an independent security token blockchain, the core team oversaw the architecture and launch of Polymesh.

Chris Housser

Head of Strategy

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Adam Dossa

Head of Blockchain

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Graeme Moore

Head of Tokenization

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William Vaz–Jones

Head of Partnership Development

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Robert Gabriel Jakabosky

Head of Applied Blockchain Research

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Francis O’Brien

Head of Developer Relations

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Nick Cafaro

Head of Product

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Creating security tokens on Polymesh

With Polymesh, you don’t need to know the ins-and-outs of blockchain or code to interact with the technology.

Developers familiar with basic programming languages can issue security tokens by using the Polymesh SDK to plug right into the blockchain. Security token issuers who want an easy, completely no-code approach can use a tokenization platform such as Token Studio.