Polymesh Ecosystem Development Fund


The Polymesh Association (“Association”) looks for ways to bolster and grow the Polymesh ecosystem. The Association’s primary focus is to drive global adoption of Polymesh as the premier institutional blockchain for regulated assets. To support these efforts, it has launched an Ecosystem Development Fund (EDF) to further incentivize companies that are looking to build, integrate, and utilize Polymesh’s industry leading infrastructure. The Association has carefully selected specific areas we feel are most critical to growing the ecosystem, however, we are open to considering value added services that fall outside the EDF grant program’s purview.

This document outlines who the EDF targets, who is eligible to apply, and how to submit an application.

Application process

Follow the instructions on the EDF application form.

Applications must include comprehensive information about your company, your proposed project, how it contributes value to the Polymesh ecosystem, and your desired goals and outcomes. Additionally, we require information about estimated timelines, approximate grant dollar amounts you require, how you plan to report on milestone delivery, and any payment conditions.

As we anticipate considerable interest in working with Polymesh, we kindly ask you to provide as much detail as possible. Projects with unclear goals or benefits to the ecosystem will be disregarded.

Guidelines and application categories

Anyone is welcome to apply for a grant. Projects funded through the EDF will mainly fall under the target categories:

1. Security Token Portals (STPs)

Platforms that interface with investors, issuers, and other stakeholders.

STPs that are looking to integrate Polymesh’s infrastructure.

2. Security Token Exchanges or Liquidity Providers

Exchanges or liquidity providers that have the required licenses in place to trade security tokens (regulated assets).

3. Transfer Agent/Registrar

Agent responsible for maintaining the records of the security owners, potentially including the issuance/cancellation of “certificates” (traditional/digital).

Maintains the registrar and corresponding information for the issuer.

4. Custodians

A digital custodian that can enable the safekeeping of POLYX (the native utility token) and/or Polymesh issued security tokens in addition to other services (trade settlement, exchange, clearing, and corporate actions).

Preference will be given to entities that are licensed to custody regulated assets.

Consideration will be given to those who are in the process of obtaining license(s) should they have an expected date of receiving their license(s).

Companies applying should be able to demonstrate:

  • A well-researched, well defined project, for which you are able to demonstrate expertise and ongoing traction. Where required, the ability to demonstrate technical expertise and an understanding of capital markets and/or blockchain technology.
  • Where necessary, your team, or the team you have engaged with, has proven experience with the relevant languages and technologies and/or a strong technical background.
  • The project will be maintained after completion of the grant, be it through a commitment to the technology, additional funding sources, or an existing business model.
  • How you plan on differentiating the offering or project, and what your unique value proposition is. The project should stand out among competitors or implement technology that doesn't yet exist in the Polymesh ecosystem.

An understanding of Polymesh, security tokens, blockchain, and the security token ecosystem is not required, but strongly encouraged.

Milestone delivery and payment

The EDF will distribute grants using a milestone approach. Milestones will be clearly determined and agreed upon prior to project development and grant dissemination. Payment will be made in USD (or stable token equivalent) or POLYX, as agreed upon.

The Polymesh Association has final say in determining whether the milestones have been achieved, and the corresponding grant eligibility.


The scope of our grants programs consists of funding and feedback on delivered milestones. While the Association may not provide hands-on support, we will do our best to direct you to the correct resources (either internally or a third party). We encourage you to join the community in order to get help with specific issues or to stay up to date with the most recent developments.

Changes to a grant after approval

Accepted grant applications can be amended at any time. However, this may necessitate a reevaluation by the reviewers. If your application has been accepted and, during development, you find that your project significantly deviates from the original specification, please clearly outline the changes to your application. This also applies if there are significant delays.

If your delivery schedule significantly changes, please notify us immediately. Should there be a significant delay, or we are unable to get in touch with you or your team, we hold the right to terminate the grant.

Ready to apply?

Download and complete the application form telling us about your company, project, and desired goals and outcomes.

Download application form
Questions or comments

We welcome all feedback, comments and questions. Please feel free to reach out to edf@polymesh.network with your inquiries.