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June 12, 2024
Polymesh News

TokenTraxx issues the first music NFTs on Polymesh

TokenTraxx has begun issuing the first-ever music NFTs on Polymesh, showcasing the potential for NFTs on the public permissioned blockchain to reshape the creator economy.

The Polymesh Association is announcing that TokenTraxx, the leading independent music and art creator platform, has begun issuing the first-ever music NFTs on Polymesh. 

The event is a significant milestone for both TokenTraxx and Polymesh as it showcases the potential for non-fungible tokens on the public permissioned blockchain to reshape the creator economy. TokenTraxx’s solution on Polymesh promises to liberate artists from reliance on intermediaries, who retain large portions of the revenue stream and artists’ income potential.

As part of TokenTraxx’s launch on Polymesh, the platform is collaborating with singer-songwriter Evan Malamud to offer 250 free NFTs for fans to claim. Evan’s music has been described as a genre-blurring fusion of hip hop, rock, pop, and country. The NFTs contain his two latest songs, Find A Way and Romeo & Juliet

Users who obtain one of Evan’s 250 NFTs will also be eligible to claim 25 POLYX as part of Challenge 2 in Polymesh’s NFT Season. Sign up quickly before they’re all gone!

“TokenTraxx is thrilled to break new ground and launch the first-ever music NFTs on Polymesh,” says Tim Gentry, CEO of TokenTraxx. “Polymesh’s native features expand the opportunities of Web3 access for artists on our platform, and we’re excited to continue exploring these features in future NFT drops.”

“TokenTraxx’s music NFTs showcase Polymesh’s versatility for all forms of tokenization,” says Graeme Moore, Head of Tokenization at the Polymesh Association. “Polymesh is purpose-built for regulated assets, but its infrastructure has no limits.” 

About TokenTraxx

TokenTraxx enables true creative freedom in music and entertainment by transforming the way that creators connect with fans using next generation technology. With a tier-one team of music, web3, and growth experts, TokenTraxx has a unique position, on providing Web3 Infrastructure As A Service through TRAXX Studios - a network of decentralised, personalised, interconnected marketplaces with a full stack of fan engagement tools on TRAXX Protocol, purpose built for music and entertainment.

About Evan Malamud

Evan is a singer-songwriter with a creative spirit shaped by the waves of Hawaii and the soul of Virginia. His music is a fusion of hip-hop, rock, pop, and country; crafting a genre-blurring journey. Evan's lyrics and melodies are like vivid brushstrokes, infusing the sonic canvas with his artistic essence. His lineage, tied to the Scottish artist Gordon Coutts, adds a layer of depth to his narrative. Currently residing in vibrant Miami Beach, Florida, Evan continues to create his sonic narrative.

Polymesh Association

The Polymesh Association is a not-for-profit dedicated to the growth of the Polymesh ecosystem through Polymesh and Polymesh Private. Polymesh is a leading public permissioned blockchain purpose-built for real world assets that streamlines capital markets and opens the door to new financial products. Polymesh Private is a private permissioned instance of Polymesh that can be deployed by enterprises.

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