Download files and guides to learn more about Polymesh and how it functions, or familiarize yourself with the blockchain through further reading.

Polymesh whitepaper

The official Polymesh whitepaper describes how Polymesh will fill the gap between security token technology and the needs of issuers, investors, institutions, and regulators.

The Polymesh whitepaper covers Polymesh architecture and goes deep into how Polymesh meets requirements around identity, confidentiality, governance, and compliance. It also discusses standards and interopability, as well as oracles and market data.

Polymesh whitepaper v1.1

One guide with everything you need to know

Discover everything you need to know about Polymesh, from the problems it solves for tokenization to its technical architecture.

Polymesh 101 guide

Brief overview pages

Get a brief overview on topics such as Polymesh’s 5 key pillars, becoming a Polymesh node operator, or staking on Polymesh.


Polymesh Overview

node operators

Become a Node Operator


Staking on Polymesh

Looking for our logotype?

The Polymesh brand kit contains the official Polymesh logo and POLYX symbol for use on light and dark backgrounds, our colour specifications, the Polymesh gradient, and more.

Polymesh Brand Kit

Further reading to familiarize yourself with the Polymesh blockchain

It’s important to us that the Polymesh community feels as equipped as possible to use the blockchain, beginning with understanding the information that’s presented.

Take a look at the Polymesh glossary for a list of explanations for commonly used terms on the Polymesh website, or find the answers to frequently asked questions about Polymesh and security tokens in the You can also find answers to specific wallet-related questions in our guide to the

For help using Polymesh, feel free to browse the . Still feel lost? Don’t worry! We’re only one support ticket away.