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June 20, 2022

Polymesh Discord - The Dawn of a New Era

The next evolution in our journey is here. Join the Polymesh Discord to hang out and chat all things Polymesh, POLYX, security tokens, crypto, blockchain, DeFi, memes, and more.

The Polymath Telegram group was the first group ever to break the Telegram-imposed 50,000 member limit.

This was due to a combination of excitement around security tokens and a POLY airdrop marking the beginning of the security token stampede. Polymath even created an overflow group with an additional 20,000 members while Telegram was in the process of lifting their member limit solely to accommodate Polymath.

Over the next 4 years, Polymath would build and contribute to some of the most important technology in the security token space including the Polymath Token Studio (the first user interface for non-technical users to create and manage security tokens), ERC-1400 (the first and most widely implemented standard for security tokens), and Polymesh (the first security token blockchain).

Now that Polymesh is here and thriving, with 15 regulated financial entities running 37 operator nodes, thousands of users, 13 assets created, and a vibrant community, it’s time for the next evolution in our journey.

Things have changed since 2017; notably the rise of Discord over Telegram as the place-to-be for crypto communities. Discord allows for multi-channel conversations with specific topics including support channels, multi-language chats, and more… all in one convenient place. Most DAOs, DeFi protocols, layer-1 projects, and layer-2 projects have a dedicated Discord server to discuss the project including updates, marketing initiatives, and memes. Polymesh is no different.

Join the Polymesh Discord - https://discord.gg/polymesh

The Polymesh Discord is where the Polymesh Association and community members can hang out and talk all things Polymesh, POLYX, security tokens, finance, capital markets, regulation, innovation, developer resources, blockchain, DeFi, memes, and more.

Join now to become one of the first 50,000 members. :)

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