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November 3, 2021

Polymesh launches new block explorer with Subscan

Use the Polymesh Block Explorer, built in collaboration with leading blockchain explorer provider Subscan, to search, analyze, and visualize various aspects of the blockchain's key data.

Polymesh is excited to be collaborating with leading blockchain explorer provider Subscan on a new block explorer reporting on Polymesh’s key data. Users can now use the Polymesh Block Explorer to search, analyze, and visualize various types of blockchain information. 

A block explorer is an online browser-based tool for viewing blockchain transactions online. It essentially reveals the data of individual blocks and transactions, and can be used to monitor transaction histories and the balances of addresses. 

While Polymesh is a permissioned chain (meaning only verified entities can use it), visibility into the network is important from a regulatory perspective as ownership of securities is mediated by third parties like regulators and institutions who require accurate reporting and auditing. The block explorer helps issuers to report on securities ownership with ongoing transparency and helps mediators verify information by making transactions publicly viewable.  

Subscan: a high-precision Web3 block explorer

The Polymesh block explorer is an integration with Subscan, a high-precision multi-chain explorer which supports Substrate-based blockchain networks with developer-friendly interface, as well as standard or custom module parsing capabilities. It also provides stable API services, data charts, and convenient tool applications. 

Subscan currently supports data exploration and visualization of more than 40 networks, including Polkadot, Kusama, and Edgeware. While developed by the Subscan team, developers are free to use the codebase to extend functionalities and develop unique user experiences for their audiences.

The Polymesh Block Explorer

Polymesh has integrated with Subscan to provide visibility into its own network. This collaboration enables developers and users to gain a more detailed view of what is happening on the network, including block production, events, extrinsics, transfers, and various information related to staking and governance. 

With the Polymesh Block Explorer, the following information is publicly viewable:

  1. Key network details (ex. number of finalized blocks and number of circulating tokens)
  2. Block details
  3. Transaction details
  4. Transaction events
  5. Validator and token holder account information 
  6. Status and details of governance activities, such as Polymesh Improvement Proposals (PIPs) 
  7. Staking

Data is also searchable by block number, extrinsic ID, or account. 

With this integration, you can now use Subscan to view and verify on-chain data. Additionally, developers will be able to programmatically access and browse the history of the network’s on-chain transactions and, through Subscan’s native API, begin integrating it into their own applications. 

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