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July 7, 2023

Polymesh onboarding gets a new look to make getting started with the Polymesh Portal easy!

Getting started with Polymesh couldn’t be easier with new improvements to the Polymesh onboarding user experience, made in anticipation of the newly released Polymesh Portal.

With Polymesh onboarding, you can easily complete the identity verification required to access the blockchain and interact with dApps such as the new Polymesh Portal

In anticipation of the newly released Polymesh Portal, we made some changes to the onboarding flow–getting started with Polymesh couldn’t be simpler! 

What you can expect from the improved onboarding process:

  • Light mode or dark mode for better accessibility
  • Easy steps to complete identity verification with a designated provider
  • Quick sign-ups to Polymesh’s newsletter and developer updates
  • What to do if you’ve already begun an application 
  • How to check the status of an existing application
  • Navigation to the Polymesh Portal 
  • Links to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Service – the usual legal stuff

If you haven’t begun identity verification, now’s the perfect time! Give it a go at onboarding.polymesh.network and you’ll be well on your way to exploring Polymesh, including the new Polymesh Portal. 

Already on-chain? Explore the new Polymesh Portal! This new interface for interacting with the blockchain gives you a snapshot of your Polymesh assets and allows you to manage assets, portfolios, settlements, permissioned actions, account claims, distributions, and more.

As always, we welcome and encourage user feedback. If you see bugs or improvements, let us know by sending a bug report, feature request, or pull request on Github. Developers should join our mailing list to stay up-to-date on new developments. Sign up here: https://polymesh.network/developer-updates 

You can also get involved by following @PolymeshNetwork on Twitter or joining the active community on Discord

Together let’s use Polymesh to bring in the security token revolution! 

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