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Company updates
October 19, 2023
Company updates

Polymesh: The Next Chapter

The Polymesh Association thanks Chris Housser for his immense contributions and welcomes Graeme Moore to his new role leading the Polymesh Association.

Today the Polymesh Association has announced that Chris Housser is stepping down from his role as Head of Strategy at the Polymesh Association. The Polymesh Association Board of Directors has unanimously appointed Graeme Moore, Head of Tokenization, to absorb Housser’s responsibilities and lead the Polymesh Association.

After a tireless six-plus years co-founding Polymath and the Polymesh Association, Housser will be taking the opportunity to spend more time with his family and recharge on a well-deserved break. 

Housser is well-known by the Polymath and Polymesh communities for bringing tokenized securities from a wild idea to reality and his invaluable contributions to the tokenization industry. Under his leadership, Polymath developed the Polymath Token Studio, spearheaded security token standard ERC-1400, and architected Polymesh, the blockchain bringing real world assets to the institutional mainstream.

Similarly, Moore has been a leader in the Polymath and Polymesh communities from the very beginning, joining Polymath as the first employee in 2017. Moore’s contributions across marketing, business development, and product led to the first-ever Telegram group to reach 50,000+ members, 200+ tokens being created, and integrations and proofs of concept with the world’s largest financial institutions.

For the past two years with the Polymesh Association as co-founders, Housser and Moore have directly contributed to the day-to-day involvement of Polymesh as it matured into an ecosystem with over 40+ entities and over 4,000 verified accounts.

Commenting on his departure, Housser said: “I firmly believe that Polymesh is on the path to transform the way financial securities are created and transacted. The groundwork we’ve laid is solid, and I’m confident in Graeme and the team to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in our industry.”

“We’re in a great spot to capitalize on the massive momentum in real world assets,” said Graeme Moore, Head of Tokenization. “While the godfather of security tokens is departing, we couldn’t be more excited for the next chapter in the Polymesh success story.”

On behalf of the entire Polymesh community, the Polymesh Association would like to thank Housser for his immense contributions. And now, looking forward, we welcome Moore to his new role as we bring trillions of dollars of assets onchain.

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