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July 6, 2023

The Polymesh Portal: a new interface for interacting with the blockchain

The Polymesh Portal is here to make interacting with the Polymesh blockchain easy. Here’s our brief on its many exciting features and how it can unlock the true potential of the Polymesh ecosystem!

We’re excited to introduce a new interface for interacting with an account on Polymesh: the Polymesh Portal!

Built with the Polymesh SDK, the Polymesh Portal showcases some of the rich features available on Polymesh. Use it to get a snapshot of your Polymesh assets or manage assets, portfolios, settlements, permissioned actions, account claims, distributions, and more.

The Polymesh Portal also serves as a reference implementation for developers seeking to build applications on Polymesh. Find everything you need to know about installing the Polymesh Portal for development on Github

Explore the Polymesh Portal now or read on for a brief on its many exciting features! 

Choose how you connect with multiple wallet support

The Polymesh Portal prioritizes user convenience by offering support for multiple wallets.

Users can effortlessly connect with Polymesh, Polkadot, Talisman, or SubWallet wallets on desktop devices. Support for other Polkadot extension-based wallets is also possible. 

Alternatively, users can take advantage of compatibility with SubWallet or Nova Wallet on mobile. 

If you’d like to use a specific wallet that isn’t mentioned, please reach out to the Polymesh team. 

Responsive design and mobile compatibility

The Polymesh Portal is meticulously crafted with a responsive design that seamlessly adapts to different devices, including mobile phones and tablets. Mobile users can leverage the Portal’s functionality by connecting with a compatible mobile wallet.

No matter what platform you choose, you can conveniently access and manage your Polymesh assets and transactions on the go. 

Comprehensive feature set 

The Polymesh Portal offers an extensive array of features catering to diverse needs. Here we’ll explore a few of the key functionalities. 

Overview page: a comprehensive snapshot of your Polymesh assets

The entry point to the Portal, the Overview page provides a comprehensive look at the connected Polymesh account: 

  • Access keys and identities associated with your connected wallet
  • View notifications for pending actions 
  • Send and receive POLYX
  • Remove signing keys connected to the active account 
  • See important information for your connected account

Some of the information you’ll be able to see includes:

  • POLYX token balances
  • Account status
  • Identity ID
  • Associated signing key details
  • Transaction history
  • Asset transfer history 

With the transaction and asset transfer history features, you’ll gain a transparent record of all historical activity on Polymesh by the selected key and all asset movements by the active account. 

Portfolio page: effortless asset management and portfolio customization

The Portfolio page empowers you to efficiently manage your assets and customize portfolios according to your preferences:

  • View an overview of all assets held under the selected identity, including the total balance and locked tokens across portfolios 
  • Access individual portfolios 
  • Easily add, remove, or rename portfolios 
  • Move funds between portfolios
  • Explore portfolio-specific asset transfer history

With the Portfolio page, users have full control over their asset allocation and portfolio composition. 

Transfers page: streamlined management of settlement instructions 

Managing settlement instructions becomes seamless with the transfers page: 

  • Effortlessly view pending, affirmed, and failed settlement instructions with full details 
  • Check the affirmation status of other parties
  • See errors if compliance rules or transfer restrictions are not satisfied 
  • See and action settlement instructions for portfolios with custody assigned to the active account 
  • Create settlement venues with basic or advanced instructions

Advanced settlement instructions support multiple legs and multiple parties, allowing for atomic swaps of assets without the need for trusted escrow or smart contracts. 

Whether creating, reviewing, affirming, rejecting, or settling instructions, the Settlement page provides a comprehensive interface for effective settlement management. 

Authorizations page: a centralized hub for permissioned actions 

The Authorizations page acts as a centralized hub for managing permissioned actions:

  • View details of incoming and outgoing authorizations pending acceptance or rejection
  • Create authorizations for various actions

Actions include ticker transfers, asset ownership transfers, requests for keys to join the identity, adding relaying paying keys, assigning portfolio custody to another identity, and more.

The Authorizations page ensures secure and streamlined management of permissioned actions within the Polymesh ecosystem. 

Claims page: efficient management of claims 

The Claims page facilitates the efficient management of account claims within the Polymesh network:

  • Easily view details of all claims received or issued by your selected identity 
  • Create claims that can be used with asset compliance rules to enforce on-chain transfer restrictions 
  • Scope claims to specific assets, identities, or a custom designation 

The Claims page offers a user-friendly interface to manage claims effectively and allows asset issuers the possibility to unlock the full capabilities of Polymesh’s comprehensive on-chain compliance rules. 

Distributions page: easy access to capital distributions

Accessing and managing capital distributions is effortless with the Distributions page: 

  • View details of pending distributions
  • Claim distributions
  • Review historical distributions 

This functionality ensures that users can efficiently track and manage their capital distributions within the Polymesh ecosystem. 

Settings page: customization and configuration options

The Settings page allows users to tailor their experience according to their preferences: 

  • Change your connected wallet
  • Set a default address for loading upon connection
  • Block specific wallets from appearing in the UI
  • Select custom RPC endpoints and SubQuery instances
  • Switch between light and dark display themes
  • Access information about the connected chain 

This high flexibility allows for a personalized user experience so that you can make the most out of Polymesh! 

Join the community and contribute 

The Polymesh Portal is an open-source project that the Polymesh Association hopes to continually improve for the best user experience.

We wholeheartedly welcome contributions and feedback from the community, whether through bug reports, feature requests, or pull requests on Github.

You can also get involved by following @PolymeshNetwork on Twitter or joining the active community on Discord

Together let’s unlock the true potential of the Polymesh ecosystem! 

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