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November 19, 2021

Your chance to win Polymesh swag!

Enter our swag contest (now closed) for a chance to be one of the first users with Polymesh swag. Show us how you best share your love for Polymesh.Tweet threads and fire memes permitted!

With UIs newly live, we thought it would be fun to offer our community something else we know they’ve been wanting for a while: Polymesh swag! 

Enter into our swag contest for your chance to be the first users with Polymesh swag. To enter, send social@polymesh.network an email or tag @polymeshnetwork on Twitter with your best Polymesh-related content. The 5 lucky winners will receive a Polymesh swag bag, complete with a much-coveted Polymesh hoodie! (One even better than the one below).

So, what makes a winning entry? Since the contest will be judged subjectively by our team, there’s really no criteria beyond showing your love for Polymesh– we want to see your creativity shine! 

That said, some ideas we like are: 

  • The best tweet thread garnering the most retweets
  • The best video showcasing the Mainnet user experience and what you like about it
  • The best article covering the most interesting use-case for Polymesh
  • The best technical article on Polymesh
  • A graphics series explaining why Polymesh is the best blockchain for security tokens
  • Fire memes

Polymesh Swag Contest details (now closed)

Deadline date: Monday, December 20th, 2021 at 11:59pm ET

Content format: Any! Just show us how you can best share your love and knowledge for Polymesh in a way that’s watchable/readable and appealing to others.

Send to: social@polymesh.network OR tag @polymeshnetwork on Twitter

Winners will be announced on Thursday, December 23rd at 1pm ET.

Good luck!

Update: Winners have been announced! Check out Twitter for details.

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